Aerial Imaging Services

Discovery Drone is an industry leader in aerial drone/UAV cinematography, photography and infrastructure inspection.  We're there for you whether it be a creative visual experience, inspection of utilities, or mapping for 3D measurements.    We are currently working with production companies, utility companies, lifeguard agencies, border patrol, and private industry for implementation into their current workflow.  Our aerial operations are safe, fast and more cost-efficient than traditional methods of larger equipment and manpower.


Cell Tower Inspections
Agricultural Surveying
Utility Tower Inspections
Power Line Inspections


Bridge Inspections

Construction Progress

Documenting the OrganoGenesis National Sales Meeting at the Omni Hotel in Palm Springs.

A little sampling of the breadth of our work including beautiful scenics, extreme sports, mapping and 3D models of terrain.  

Take an aerial tour of the brand new Midway City, CA Solar Frontier Array.  This high tech and green energy plant goes on and on!

Discovery Drone provides high-end aerial videography, photography and inspection services for a variety of industries.  We have a team with a varied range of backgrounds and specific skill sets including Video and Photo Production, Aerospace Engineering, Military Drone Operations, Data Management, and Thermographer Certifications.

FAA Compliant 

All of our Operators have the appropriate FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Airman Certificate for small UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems).  This allows us to commercially operate our aerial camera platforms legally within the US.

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