State of the art fixed wing and multi-rotor aircraft with a complement of sensors.


GPS Navigation which can accurately guide the aircraft so that there is no need for advance pilot skills.


Redundant controls with failsafe that includes return to home and obstacle avoidance.


Aerial FAQs


What is Discovery Drone?

Discovery Drone is a leader in aerial imaging, video and photography services through use of new and cutting-edge technology: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) also known as drones. Our experience and technology provide our clients an unparalleled way to capture breath taken images that could not be possible in the past.


How do you handle safety?

Starting with the best in class, highest grade equipment and technology and abiding by strick protocols and regulations are a start. In depth knowledge of our equipment and the FAA rules as well as extensive training ensure that our operators will be the safest out there. Our UAV’s have a number of FailSafe features built-in: if radio signal is lost, on board GPS and Autopilot automatically guides UAV back to the take off location. If one of the motors fails, multi-rotor configuration allows for the rest of the motors to land the aircraft safely.


What is the cost?

Due to many variables such as location, type of footage, production, equipment and post production techniques it is impossible to have a one-size-fits-all pricing structure. Please contact us for initial consultation on our contact page or call 949-632-4608.


What does a typical day on location look like?

As soon as we get to location we setup and initiate our flight readiness and safety checks. Once safety checks are complete we work closely with you to create a comprehensive flight plan that will allow us to capture best possible shots. During the flight you will have the ability to monitor real-time video feed through our state-of-the-art wireless video system and communicate with operator to fine-tune the shot.


What cameras and sensors can Discovery Drone use?

We have a variety of cameras and sensors that can be flown including GoPro, Sony 7, Canon 5D, Panasonic GH4, Red Dragon, Alexa MINI and others. Other payloads can be flown as well such as FLiR cameras, NDVI cameras and LiDAR sensors. If you have specific equipment in mind please let us know as we can customize our rigs to accommodate most any camera.


What weather conditions can you fly in?

We can operate safely in winds of up to 20 mph and light precipitation.


How long can the UAV stay in the air?

Our multirotor Aircraft can sustain a 20 to 40 minute flights depending on weather conditions and payload (type of camera/sensor attached). Our fixed wing aircraft can have endurance of 2 hours or more. We always carry plenty of spare batteries to fly all day.


How high and how fast do the drones fly?

Our operational altitude is limited to 400 feet above the ground surface or top of a building based on FAA regulation and safety reasons.  Our multirotor aircraft top out at about 40mph.  Our fixed wing aircraft can go above 80mph but do slow down nicely for landings.