Aerial Cinematography

Discovery Drone is FAA approved, licensed and insured to provide amazing video shots for your production.  Our professional pilots provide Aerial 4K video and high resolution stills that add a fresh new perspective.  Our reliability, consistency, safety record, and history of "getting the shot" set us apart.  Take a peek below at some of our recent projects.  

Another recent project with Donut Media and the incredibly humble and talented Tanner Foust.  Great locations with some dramatic aerial scenes.

Discovery Drone provided the aerial perspectives to help this Donut Media production come to life.  Thrilling and skillful driving are demonstrated by a top stunt driver when literally millions are at stake!

Working with 9th Island in Las Vegas, Discovery Drone provided coverage of an adventure most wouldn't consider part of a normal Vegas Trip.

Go-Pro and Naish sponsored athlete Chuck Patterson shredding the waves off the coast of Southern California.

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